The downside of striving for the best

I have a weird expectation of being exclusive. If I don’t feel like a unique addition to someone’s life, I tend to shut down and walk away completely. I can track this feeling back to when I was in like 8th grade or even earlier. Not sure why.
Competing against other people for women, attention or fame never really triggered me. I was never striving to become an ‘alpha male’. And even now I still prefer becoming a better ‘sigma male’.

(Although the labels of alpha or sigma merely capture the complexity of what’s going on I guess)









Family & Friends 4/6
Intimate Relationship 3/6

I’m grateful for my..

I’m grateful for my..

  • Mum, because she taught me to be kind.
  • Dad, because he taught me to be tough.
  • Sister & brother in law, because they taught me to do it my own way.
  • Grandparents, because they taught me to be humble and how to take care of family.
  • Uncles and Aunt, because they taught me to live a joyful life by caring for other people and be confident about however I live my life.
  • Best friends, because they taught me how to laugh no matter what happens in life.
  • Other special persons in life, who taught me to see life in all kind of different angles.

Money, money, money..

It’s not about getting rich, it’s about removing stressful thoughts regarding any money related topics. You don’t wanna be pressured or run into financial struggles.

I made a ton of mistakes when it comes to money, mostly spending it on things I don’t truly need or as a result of a bad relationship breakup. Read more

Let’s be open to more adventures

Seems like an odd category at first. But the sole premise behind adventure is our natural instinct to explore, see new things and learn. I understood it’s not for absolutely everyone, or it might just be possible to replace the need for adventure with other priorities. But I still believe it’s a pleasure for all of us to see a place we’ve never seen before. Read more