Intimate Relationship

July 11, 2019
July 11, 2019 Chris

Oh that’s probably the toughest one for me. 

After having a breakup right at the beginning of 2019 which I heavily fucked up, I had a short-lived 3-4 months ‘affair’ which was weird – without putting a negative tone to it – and also ended in a weird way. Because of that and other things I took my dog and rented a small apartment in Italy. Being there and having good chats helped me tremendously to accept all my failures in all past relationships. I realised I rushed into them too quickly or had the wrong expectations. 

Well, the past is the past, I’m still grateful for every single experience I had, but now it’s clear that I’m taking it slowly. As I’m definitely passionate and I trust my gut feeling a lot of times, taking it slow and being patient is not my strength. I gotta learn that. And see what life will bring without forcing anything.