Make Family & Friends worth your while

July 6, 2019
July 6, 2019 Chris

In the end being surrounded by family & friends is all that counts. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how much success you had in life, how many countries you visited. In the circle of your most important peers nobody cares about superficial influences, the pure human connection makes us content, peaceful and gives us the feeling of fulfilment. 

A lot of times we tend to forget the most important people. We don’t do it intentionally, we’re just drawn to other stimulations. And that’s ok from time to time, just come back regularly and nurture these human connections. Don’t take them for granted and put some effort into them.

Both major moves from my hometown to Munich and from Munich to Zurich made me focus on other things too much. I barely visited family & friends. I simply didn’t put in the necessary effort. Sure, I made other friends in all places, but they came and went. The longest standing connections are still the ones from child- and teenagehood.

Now I’m trying to spend more quality time with family, old & new friends. Being there for others even if it’s not convenient for me right now, I know it’s worth it for sure.