September 15, 2019 Chris

It’s not about getting rich, it’s about removing stressful thoughts regarding any money related topics. You don’t wanna be pressured or run into financial struggles.

I made a ton of mistakes when it comes to money, mostly spending it on things I don’t truly need or as a result of a bad relationship breakup. On the other hand, some experiences for sure had their reasons and their quality cannot be measured in money. For example, 3 years ago I spent something like 2k a month on a personal fitness trainer. Was it a bad financial decision? Absolutely! Still, it triggered a motivation to strive and take of my personal health which lasts until today. And I’m deeply grateful for that.

I still have to pay back student loans, it’s terrible from a financial point of view. But I cannot be more serene to where my studies lead me in life.

So for me, it’s all about seeing the big picture but still making smarter financial decisions than I did before. Learning more about money, getting back the habit of having a budget and tracking my spendings. And be ruthless about cutting unnecessary costs. Spending money on things that give long-term pleasure instead of chasing a quick dopamine rush.