The pleasure of working hard

September 16, 2019
Posted in Work
September 16, 2019 Chris

2 months after coming back from my work break, this part of my life could hardly be better as of right now. My day-to-day job at is filled with amazing colleagues, we’re on a great mission, my dog is with me in the office every day (mostly shamelessly stealing food and she found a partner in crime, which makes her tremendously happy) and I’m able to do valuable work. I love going to the office every day so far and don’t mind staying late 🙂


At the same time, I heavily increased my commitment to being a mentor for design students. This is so tremendously fulfilling, as I’m meeting outstanding people and trying to help them fulfil their dreams while learning many things myself along the way. All my students so far are truly fantastic people I love collaborating with.

Plus, I’m helping out on a sideproject to get the design of the ground.


My days are filled with work, basically from waking up until going to bed. There is barely time for anything else in my life currently. But none of it feels like work actually, it’s mostly just doing what I love to do anyway.
And it makes me even more joyful that I can say that even after working for now over 10 years in my field of design.


I’m just not sure how much I can credit this joy towards the craft of design itself and how much to the amazing people I’m surrounded by. Either way, I’m truly grateful for both and I’m giving a virtual hug to who know whom I’m addressing.