September 28, 2019 Chris

For now over 2 months I work & create every single day for about at least 10 to sometimes 16 hours. From waking up until going back to bed. And I absolutely love it.

I’m grateful that I could prove myself that I can make time & the necessary energy for things I truly wanna do. I’m giving 100% at a day-to-day job and still be able to mentor students and helping out a bit on another startup in my spare time, while keeping up healthy eating habits, squeezing in regular workouts and meeting friends.

Is it challenging?
Sure is, especially on days when I only can have dinner at 11:30 pm because my schedule didn’t work out otherwise. And then wake up the next morning to do it all over again. 

Is it a draining as it may sound?
Not at all, I love it. But because the circumstances are just right. I love going to the office and create great things with great colleagues, mentoring students is immensely fulfilling and also working on side-projects is a great way for me to learn and refine skills – and most importantly, my dog can be next to me wherever I am.

I sometimes don’t even refer to it as ‘work’ as the act of creating things is just something I truly love doing.

Will this last forever?

Of course not.
But it’s truly fulfilling and I’m falling asleep daily with an amazing feeling of accomplishment. 

Would I ‘replace’ some of this ‘work’ with spending more time with another special person?
Absolutely. Personal relationships will always be more important after all.


It’s always your decision for what you want to make time.

There’s always time to make enough time.











Health 6/6
Family & Friends 4/6
Intimate Relationship 3/6
Finances 4/6
Mission & Work 6/6
Hobby 4/6
Adventure 4/6
Spirituality 5/6