What I learned from going on vacation without having a new job in sight

July 14, 2019
Posted in Work
July 14, 2019 Chris

Working for a startup is amazing — unless it runs out of funding for your salary. But knowing that I won’t have a job 2 months from then I still decided to take my time. Go on vacation. And most importantly not to worry about what will come next. These 2 months were without a doubt one of the best of my life. I started to work on private projects again, enjoyed the bachelor party I organized, taking my dog to Italy, being the best man at a wonderful wedding, going on more vacation to Italy with friends. I had such a great time, I basically smiled for 2 months straight. In exactly those weeks I was supposed to look for a solid new job — which is what I did, but I definitely kept it to a minimum while being super picky where to apply.

All that time not worrying about my future was a pure gift. You can’t buy time. Definitely not times where you’re truly happy for sure.
How I stayed completely calm and joyful avoiding the usual stress of finding a job? I’m not sure yet. I think it helped that I was just confident thinking the next challenge will present itself. Maybe simply the different environment allowed me to just enjoy the moment. I thought the worst thing could happen was not having any income and going for unemployment insurance. This means, in the end, it’s just a money issue, and I didn’t want that to ruin my peace of mind. In the end, I had a clear goal set, which was taking a better next step in my professional life. And nothing should stand in my way. I had the experience before, that a job hunt can be so stressful that you’re crippling your mind. Luckily my mind was able to do the opposite.

And the result? 2 weeks after I got back I found an amazing team and place to work with. As I haven’t started as I’m writing this I can’t tell more how it will work out, but it sounds more than promising. Silicon Valley based startup with an office at Lake Zurich, incredible team vibe, awesome perks and I can bring my dog to work — I honestly can’t look more forward to it.