Work-Life Balance is nonsense

July 13, 2019
Posted in Work
July 13, 2019 Chris

The phrase ‘work-life balance’ is nonsense for me personally. Why?
Because the majority of your time on earth you spend working. So work is definitely a part of your life. A huge one. It better should be fun right?

Otherwise, what’s the point being alive in the first place? Easier said than done. And the job should also pay the bills and give us financial security. So how to take on this colossal topic?
I was lucky enough to get into a work path which is truly enjoyable for me the most time. I studied media design which lead me to become a User Experience Designer and Product Manager for digital stuff like apps and websites. I was also lucky enough to have experienced different types of work. I stumbled into co-founding a software company (big thanks to Flo Gottschall, Robert Turcs & Miri Selzle), working for small and bigger startups (thanks to Alfonso Rodriguez) as well as for a corporation (shoutout to Markus Almer) – plus other projects here and there where I met the most amazing people.

Probably all in all I was too spoiled with these experiences, as I’m still searching for something else. I wanna take my dog with me wherever I go, I wanna be flexible so my mind can be as productive as possible, I wanna spend my time creating something valuable – but I shouldn’t forget to find balance to get financial balance, uff.
Alright, so what are my options?

  • Finding an amazing workplace
  • Working remotely
  • Being self-employed
  • Having meaningful sideprojects
  • A mix of the above

All way have it up-and downsides, I’m not looking for the absolut perfect way to earn my dollars. But I’m at a point in life where I wanna choose my next steps wisely. So what I wanna try:

  • Apply for amazing workplaces
  • Apply for remote jobs
  • Get work as a freelancer
  • Get sideprojects going again

I just have to put my ass down, put in the effort and work smarter.